X-Fest Live was something a lot of people across the Northland were looking forward to this weekend. The event had been scheduled for Saturday, February 12.

It does sound very cool as it promises "an evening of insane Freestyle Motorcross, BMX, Street Bikes, and more." Unfortunately, people in the Northland will have to wait to see all this action and as of now, it's uncertain just how long they'll have to wait.

The Duluth Entertainment Convention Center announced late in the week that X-Fest Live has been postponed. They explained what led to them deciding to postpone on their website:

 X Fest Live Tour has postponed their Saturday, February 12th show due to operational logistics and talent travel as it relates to the current pandemic.

Guests with tickets will automatically be refunded if purchased online or return to the point of purchase for a full refund.

Ticketing questions can be directed to the Box Office (218-727-4344) or Ticketmaster (800-943-4327). Please note the Box Office is open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm.

With tickets being refunded, it could lead one to believe that a new date for X-Fest Live in Duluth isn't set and it may be awhile if ever that it takes place. Of course, that is purely speculation on my part.

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That certainly leaves a gap in entertainment options this weekend, but all is not lost. This happens to be the weekend that Escape The Bong is taking place at the Richard I Bong Veterans Historical Center in Superior.

It features multiple escape rooms that promise to test your deduction and puzzle solving skills. Each room is designed for an hour of problem solving fun along with a unique mission and experience. Participants can expect new games to begin at the top of each hour.

Tickets and details are on sale now.

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