If you have an iPhone, this may be of interest to you. Your phone keeps a month-long log of where you spend your time. It records every stop during your day, when you got there, and how long you stayed there. First off, it is worth noting that Google does this too with their Android platform, so it isn't just Apple that is keeping an eye on you in an effort to improve their services.

Apple says this information is stored so your phone can "learn places you frequently visit in order to improve location-related information. The data is reportedly not transmitted off the phone, and is deleted after a month; but if you are like me and find that a little creepy, the good news is that you can clear this information and shut this feature off.

The end result of the data that is collected is a map that you can access right from your phone's settings. It shows areas you have been, and you can get even more details about a location, such as when you arrived and left, by tapping it.

Beside being creepy and acting as another thing to drain your phone battery; you could also see where this could come in handy if you're trying to spy on someone, such as a significant other. If you think your main squeeze might be sneaking around on you, getting ahold of their iPhone could tell you where they're going when they say they are spending a late night at work.

If you find this creepy (or you want to sneak around untracked) and want to turn this tracking feature off, fear not! The process to shut off this feature isn't all that hard at all. Simply access the iPhone settings, and follow the steps below. Once you're done, you will go untracked, and you might find your battery lasting slightly longer, being your phone isn't using the GPS feature as frequently!

  1. Open your iPhone's Settings (via the Settings icon)
  2. Access the Privacy Menu in your settings
  3. Select Location Services
  4. Then access the System Services (you have to scroll ALL the way down, through all of your listed apps to find this)
  5. Then tap into the Frequent Locations
  6. Toggle this feature off. There is also a "Clear History" option if you scroll down to the bottom.