The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is issuing a recall for a popular youth ATV.

The recall is for the Maxtrade Coolster youth ATV-3050-C and ATV-3050-B models because of risk of a serious crash due to violations of safety standards, both the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Maxtrade are urging costumers to stop using the ATV immediately or risk serious injury or death.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission the ATV is meant for kids above the age of 6 years old, the problem is that the ATVs violate the mandatory maximum speed limit for a youth ATV and "also mandatory standard requirements for ATVs intended for children as young as 6."

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The ATVs can when used by kids can result is a high-speed crash that can cause serious injury or death. The ATVs were sold through various online retailers like,,,, and and, and they were also sold via local independent shops throughout the country.

The ATVs were on sale from 2007/2008 through January 2021 when the company was notified about the serious safety issues with the product and ceased sales right away. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says about 58,000 ATV-3050-C and 4,000 ATV-3050-B ATVs were sold since January 2016.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that Maxtrade is currently working on solution for owners of the ATV-3050-C and ATV-3050-B. Maxtrade sells a variety of youth and adult ATVs, dirt bikes and go carts.

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