A New Jersey man may want to think long and hard before he grills next time after he almost died from ingesting some wires from his grill brush.

Michael DeStefan thought he had a case of appendicitis, but after being rushed to the hospital and a few X-rays later they realized it was actually some wires from his grill brush embedded in his intestines.

Michael had cleaned his grill before cooking some steaks and somehow some of these wires became embedded in his steak and he ate them.

Great, now I will be paranoid every time I clean our grill, because our grill is 6 years old and I have to scrub it every time before I use it. I guess this is a good lesson for all of us to carefully inspect your grill before you throw some food on it!

Michael's wife ensured this won't happen again by purchasing a stone grill brush to get the job done. Good idea, make that 2 of them!


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