The Craziest Fashions of Oscar Night 2013
When it comes to taking fashion risks, awards shows are the ideal time to just buck up and go for it. There are like, millions of people watching, after all. That being said, it does take a whole 'lotta guts to ere on the side of crazy couture, but this year's Oscars were bound to have som…
New Teen Trend-Fake Braces
For some teens around the world, the look of braces is a status symbol because of the high cost, so a new phenomenon has started "Fake Braces". Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse are the most popular right now.
Taylor Swift Launching Shoe Line With Keds
If you've ever wanted to look like Taylor Swift from head to toe, now you can. While you can rock her look from the neck up via her CoverGirl-endorsed cosmetics, now you can snag Swift's shoes. She's teaming up with Keds to launch her own footwear line!

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