Lady GaGa Releases Trailer For Her New Perfume [VIDEO]
Lady GaGa spares no expense when it comes to her wardrobe, videos and tour, so why would the ad for her new perfume be any different? Of course it has a dark sinister theme, and why not? I am dying to know what it smells like? Meat dress anyone? Ick.
Back To School Shopping ‘Till You Drop
Back To School shopping is fun, scary, exciting, and that is just the parents side of things. I remember as a kid, my favorite thing was getting all my new clothes and school supplies, but from a parents perspective it can be overwhelming.
Katy Perry Plays Chess, Shows Shiny Hair in GHD Ads
Katy Perry has dyed her hair several shades of the rainbow, and some of these hues are not found in nature. She has colored her locks at least a half dozen times this year, going from blue to pink to purple. All that processing and stripping of color can do a number on strands, making them dull, lif…
Mariah Carey Needs To Expand Her Vocabulary As Seen On HSN [VIDEO]
For what an incredible singer Mariah Carey is she really lacks some personality in the pitch department, as she is selling her wares of her clothing and jewelry line on HSN (Home Shopping Network). I lost count of how many times she used the word MOMENT. Wow...let's hope she does better than th…

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