Science Confirms Men and Women Can’t Be “Just Friends”
Harry was right!  Sally, not so much.  Science has confirmed that there is almost always an attraction between male and female friends-- and the most common result is dissatisfaction with current romantic partners.
The lead researcher of a study believes that platonic relationships are a relatively n…
A New Survey Finds Many Adults Still Sleep with Teddy Bears
A new Travelodge survey found that 35 percent of adults in the UK sleep with a teddy bear to help de-stress and sleep at night.
Twenty-five percent of men said they take their teddy bear with them when they're away on business. Many said the bear reminds them of home and a cuddle helps them fall…
New Study Shows How ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Actually Harming Society
Many haters of ‘Jersey Shore,’ ‘Teen Mom 2,’ ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Real World’ have always somewhat jokingly said these shows are harming society. Turns out they might be right, at least when young ladies are concerned. A study released on Wednesday by The Parents Television Council (PTC) shows tha…

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