If you live in the beautiful state of Minnesota, chances are you are a Happy Person. :)

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index ranked all 50 States on their well being and the Sate of Minnesota came in 3rd, behind North Dakota and Hawaii at #1.

Here is a breakdown of the category's:

1) Emotional Health: I guess the 10,000 lakes help keeps us balanced.

2) Life Evaluation: We really love our lives. We are kind of a big deal.

3) Work Environment: I can attest to the fact that my job rocks!

4) Physical Health: I was obviously not part of this survey since I am obscenely out of shape. :0

5.) Healthy Behaviors: See Dirty Chick A.T.V. ride blog posts :)

6.) Basic Access- One thing we are not lacking in the Loon state is access to health-care facilities. It is hard to be in Duluth and not bump into a nurse or other health-care professional.

Sorry to our neighbors in Wisconsin, you did not make it into the top 10. But no worries, at least you have the Packers!