This morning Jeanne and I talked about a few unconventional ways to help boost your mood!  If you missed it, here they are:

Brush your hair upside down – Hanging your head upside down while brushing your hair stimulates the hairline and behind the ears, two nerve-rich areas of the scalp. That can increase the production of feel-good neurotransmitters in just 30 seconds.

Do a loved one’s chore – Whether it’s taking out the trash or setting the table, giving a loved one a thrill by doing his chore for him helps 95 percent of women feel more content, say Duke University researchers. Helping people stimulates the production of the mood-elevating hormone oxytocin.

Eat 3 Brazil nuts – Getting 220 mcg of selenium daily – the amount in just three Brazil nuts – triggers a dramatic improvement in mood, helping people feel less anxious and more energetic even if they show no signs of a nutrient shortfall. The mineral soothes the nervous system, making it less reactive when stress hormones surge.

Hold your head high – Improving your posture can boost mood, says James D. Laird, Ph.D. The brain uses body clues to gauge how it should feel, and it alters neurotransmitter production to get you there.

Rearrange your junk drawer – Harvard University research suggests that sorting a messy nook for 20 minutes dials down the production of adrenaline and other stress-inducing hormones by 45 percent, helping people feel more relaxed for three hours straight.

If those don't work, try watching this: