Earlier today, Insurance.com released their list of the best and worst songs for driving, according to a survey of American drivers. After checking out the rankings, Jeanne and I agreed with some of the picks in the survey, but we both felt we could build a better driving playlist.

Jeanne Ryan's Top Driving Songs

Jeanne said she picked this list based on the first 10 songs she could think of that she enjoys in the car. She admitted it is hard to pick, being she has such a diverse taste in music.They are listed in no particular order.

Nick Cooper's Top Driving Songs

Unlike Jeanne working off the top of her head, I sifted through several road trip playlists I have created to pick the best of the best that I thought represented the extreme diversity that I enjoy - and it was HARD to narrow it down. Music on road trips is VERY all over the place anyway, but I certainly will change moods depending on a lot of factors including what the weather is like, traffic conditions, my destination, and of course my mood. These are listed in no particular order...beside Earth, Wind, and Fire; because that song is awesome no matter what.

What are your favorite driving/road trip songs? Leave them in the comments section below!