Today we're going back to this week in 1994 to remember SNL alum Dennis Miller's talk show, a discovery of the first extra-solar planet, and a popular Offspring song.

A few years after his run on Saturday Night Live, Dennis Miller got his own talk show on HBO tilted 'Dennis Miller Live'. The show lasted nine seasons, won 5 Emmy's off 11 nominations and was characterized by it's simplicity.

Polish astronomer Alexander Wolszczan announces he has discovered the world's first extra-solar planets (which is planets orbiting other stars and outside our solar system). The planet was 2.8 times as large as the earth and half as close to it's own sun.

The second single from their third studio album, Offspring released 'Self Esteem'.  The song was a worldwide hit reaching number one in three countries and peaking at number four in the U.S. It's considered one of their most popular songs and their music video for the song made them popular on MTV and helped the song to success on the radio.