It is that time of year again for school concerts, as a parent this is a ritual we all must go through, and I must say that I am super impressed.

Through the years I have been to my share of concerts, and as the kids get older the longer you have to wait for the brief songs that they have been practicing for months on end. The concert we went to last night was a combination of 2 schools, grades 6th-8th, and our youngest is now in 8th grade.

So with having some time to kill I did my favorite past time, "People Watching." If I could get paid to do this, I would never retire, it is the best. I would play little games like trying to match the kid with the parents who were recording or taking pictures. Pick out which parents were patiently waiting for their turn to see their child on the stage etc.

The thing that I have noticed is how well behaved all the kids are, even the youngest of the bunch. Now I can't speak for what goes on backstage, but they all participated, were smiling and not being fidgety or distracted. Great job to all the kids and hats off to the teachers that have pushed to keep the band and choir programs alive, and for all their hard work!