Here's a big shocker--Lindsay Lohan has been kicked out of her court ordered community service program.  Apparently they'll do that if you don't actually do the community service you're sentenced.

She was to complete 360 hours at the Downtown Women's Center in Los Angeles as part of her probation in the shoplifting case involving a $2,500 necklace.

According to,

the people in the Probation Dept. responsible for overseeing Lindsay's probation decided Lindsay could not go back to the Women's Center, because she repeatedly didn't show up, and when she did she would bail after an hour -- a violation of the judge's order that she serve 4 hours at a time.

Lindsay now says she loves her community service assignment at the American Red Cross ... saying her relationship with the staff is good.

Lindsay is due back in court next week -- and a judge will decide if she's really telling the truth.

Not only that, but Lindsay Lohan walked a red carpet in Los Angeles Wednesday night and photogs zoomed in on her teeth, which seem to be stained brown and almost rotting.

Some are speculating that she's not as sober as she claims.  Too much red wine? Too many drugs? Click HERE to see a better worse photo of her teeth close-up.  Yikes!!