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‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Hires New Directors
I remain unconvinced that we will ever see a Beverly Hills Cop 4. Beverly Hills Cop 3 came out in 1994 and made just $42 million in the U.S. against a $50 million budget. It was also terrible, although that last part has never stopped a studio from making further sequels before. Still it’s mo…
‘Beverly Hills Cop 4′ May Get Some Help From Jerry Bruckheimer
When the 'Beverly Hills Cop' TV show failed to get off the ground, word was that Paramount might instead go with a new film installment of the franchise (which had been rumored for a while, with Brett Ratner supposedly set to direct it). The latest rumblings suggest a fourth film might happen, with …
It’s Official: Eddie Murphy to Host the Oscars
It's official, Eddie Murphy will host the 84th Academy Awards, which will be broadcast by ABC on Feb. 26.  Murphy will replace actor James Franco, who hosted the awards show last year, as the Oscars return to it's roots of having a comedian host the show.

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