Tomorrow (April 4th) Is “Hug a Newsman Day”
I will forgo being too PC for this awesome holiday. It should probably be "Hug a News Anchor" or "Hug a Newsman/Newswoman Day."
Hug a Newsman Day is celebrated every April 4th.  The "holiday" gives you the opportunity to give a great, big hu…
Woman Tries to Hide From News Camera, Fails Spectacularly
If you happen to be a newscaster who isn’t so sure of the material you’re supposed to read, one way of limiting mistakes is concentrating very hard on the Teleprompter. Kara Manelli of WUFT in Gainesville, Florida displays this technique to a T as she finishes a story about a student housing lottery…
Dan Hanger to Take Over Anchoring Duties at Fox 21 News
Recently Fox 21 News news anchor Nick Lafave left his position for a new one in Shreveport, Louisiana and it didn't take long for an official replacement to be named, yesterday Dan Hanger announced on his Facebook page:
It's official! Because of all of YOU and your TRUST, I will be moving to the pos…

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