No Planking In Wisconsin, Or You Could Pay A Fine
2 brothers in Manitiwoc Wisconsin are probably wishing that they got on the Planking bandwagon months ago when it was actually popular. Well, these 2 guys got into some trouble with the police after a video they posted on you tube showed them "Planking" at many business' and a…
“Stocking” is the New “Planking”
For whatever reason, it's just not cool to take a picture standing up.  We here at Mix 108 feel the need to sniff out the current internet craze that relates to planking.  First it was owling and batting.  Now, it's "stocking."
We finally get a chance to see…
Planking Squirrel Chills on the Porch [VIDEO]
Many internet commentators have called "planking" dead after Playboy Hugh Hefner offered his own planking picture. Since then, the hunt for the latest internet craze has been on, including things like "horsemanning" and "owling."
Horsemaning – The New New Planking?
Last week we predicted that octogenarian Hugh Hefner’s embrace of planking would spell the end to the craze. Spinoff fads owling and leisure diving have failed to eclipse it, but could something called horsemaning be poised to rise up from planking‘s ashes?
Batting: The New Planking? Owling?
The new "let's take a picture doing something ridiculous to be viewed by thousands online" craze has taken over planking and owling.  Now, we're supposed to be "batting."
I never even got a chance to plank before it wasn't cool to plank anymore.…
Epic Fail…Planking On The Stove
I wish I would of thought of PLANKING, I know some people say that it is over, but people keep doing it.  This poor girl.......I think she is o.k. because you can here her laughing after the stove falls on top of her.
Richard Simmons Planking [VIDEO]
Photo courtesy of YouTube
Always a good sport with trying new things and keeping Americans in shape, Richard Simmons attempts PLANKING !  As if this video is not funny enough, look at his outfit. But, as Tony hart said, 'It's Richard Simmons, why wouldn't he be wearing that...