As much as I've tried to avoid the Kim Kardashian divorce subject, it's everywhere.  She's getting divorced after a long 72 days of being married to the man she committed the REST OF HER LIFE TO.  I can understand using a divorce to get out of an abusive relationship.  Or cheating.  Or other various (but limited) circumstances.  But I believe (although she and her mother will argue otherwise) that she married for one reason, and one reason only.   Money.  So much for the sanctity of marriage!

Unless of course, you believe Kim.  She sticks by her claim that she married for love.  Unless she has a different dictionary than I, and her Webster says love is spelled "M-O-N-E-Y."

Here are a few things that lasted longer than the 72 day nuptials between K and K.

1. Days that "Titanic" was the number one movie in America: 105 (105-72=33 days longer)

2. Days that "Macarena" was the number one song in America: 98 (98-72=26 days longer)

3. Days that the 2003 SARS outbreak lasted: 79 (79-72=7 days longer)

4. Days that Kim and Kris were engaged to be married: 85 (85-72=13 days longer)