Since we had Twin Ports On Tap coming up, I did some searching through the internet.  I was looking for more information, but sort of became side-tracked.  We have all done it, looking for something else and pretty soon you're watching cat videos.  This time though I didn't end up watching cat videos, I ended up watching a ton of beer commercials.  Here are 10 of the gems I found.


  • 1

    Carry All

    I always enjoy a wise-cracking bartender.  But this was just a bit sad for the guy.


  • 2

    The Fridge

    Part of every guy's dream house.

  • 3

    Something's Wrong

    Now you know what that feeling of sadness was the other day.

  • 4

    Talented Dogs

    I've had many different dogs growing up, but none of them were quite this cool.

  • 5

    Beach Pick-up

    Yes, I've actually done something similar to this.  When I was stationed in South Carolina, the best thing to bring to the beach was either a football or a frisbee.

  • 6

    Swear Jar

    Swearing in the workplace has it's perks.

  • 7


    I've never made this mistake but it seems like every week someone walks in and waves at the person behind me.

  • 8

    The Most Interesting Man

    He has the life I want.  Seriously this fictional guy does so much cool stuff.

  • 9

    Huge Ad

    The Time and effort to make this must have been ridiculous!

  • 10

    Dry Humor

    A little long, but this add had me cracking up.  You have to love the British with their dry humor.

  • 11

    Twin Ports On Tap

    Here is the original commercial for our upcoming craft beer festival.

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