Wow.  What a night!

Even though it was foggy, and we didn't get a chance to get into the lake (dang you 4 foot waves!) we partied so much it didn't matter.

Now here's where I get all sappy and reflect.  Sometimes I forget I'm actually talking to you rather than just a microphone.   The best part of my job is entertaining you--or at least attempting to. :)  What I love about our 108 Days of Summer Kick Off Cruise is the chance to talk to you in person rather than through the air.  It's so rewarding to actually be able to SEE you, your friends, and the rest of our Mix 108 listeners having a great time.  Dancing, drinking, talking, and enjoying one of our most loved attractions in the area--Lake Superior.

To everyone who came aboard with us on Saturday night, THANK YOU!  And another big thank you to DJ Dyami, the entire Vista Crew, and to the rest of the Mix 108 Staff--Kramer, Tony and Parker.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.  Although the cruise is 2 hours long, it always goes way too fast.  If you didn't make it on our cruise this time--you'll have to join us for our 108 Days of Summer Cool Down Cruise in September--but let's not think about summer being over quite yet.  We still have a great summer in store with plenty of opportunities to win great prizes, cash, concert tickets--I can't wait!