The team that manages Nopeming Sanatorium has opened the facility to tours in recent years, seeing particular interest from the public during October, leading up to Halloween. Urban legend suggests the building and grounds are haunted, drawing the interest of ghost hunting groups and the public alike. While tours in previous years have been successful, permitting criteria from the Midway Town Board may prevent tours in 2019.

Since 2016, organized tours and public access to Nopeming have become somewhat of a tradition for paranormal fans, however management of the facility shared a message on social media explaining why information for this year's tours has not yet been released.

The note, shared on Facebook on September 17, details what management calls "a tough time getting our permit to operate" for the 2019 season. The facility has been closed to the public all summer, however management is trying to get a special operating permit for October tours.

In an additional Facebook post, Nopeming management explains that the Midway Town Board has provided them a "to do list" of items to complete before a permit will be approved. The list of items are geared toward ensuring visitor safety, including things like having running water on site, electricity, a sprinkler system, fire alarms, and other items. Nopeming management interject "the historical/haunted aspect of Nopeming and its current draw would be lost" if such renovations were made.

While we don't have a statement from the Midway Town Board at the time of this publication, it's pretty clear that their intentions are to make sure that visitors are safe and certain accommodations are in place for the public if the site is to be operated as proposed.

Nopeming management noted in their Facebook posts that the hope to "find a happy medium" to meet the requests of the town board while still preserving the ambiance that draws much of the public. It is unclear how much room for negotiation there is between the town board and Nopeming management, but we'll be keeping an eye on this as the Halloween season draws near.

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