The three investigators were in the Northland last winter and filmed an episode of the show in the haunted building, showing Wednesday, April 29th.

The season 2 premiere of  Destination Fear debuts on the Travel Channel Wednesday, April 29th brings them to our own Nopeming Sanatorium. The team travels across the nation looking for the most haunted places and then try to overcome their fear after knowing some of the things that have been collected in that location.

The part I am impressed with, usually, a TV show will investigate and then go rest at a hotel then go back the next day. Destination Fear will be spending the night and endure whatever happens. Season 2 premiers on Wednesday, April 29th at 10 p.m. EST and 9 pm our time on the Travel Channel.

Destination Fear is made up of brother and sister duo, Dakota Laden and Chelsea Laden, and their best friend Tanner Wiseman, plus, they bring a camera operator Alex Schroeder.

They take their RV and go to places that are reputed to be haunted by other teams or local investigators.

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