MIX 108 and Rockstar are giving you a chance to win a $1,500 travel certificate, so you can relax your way by choosing the destination!

Listen to Jeanne & Cooper weekday mornings at 8:30 during November for the Rockstar phrase of the day. Listen the rest of the day for either Chris Tyler or Tony Hart to repeat that phrase exactly at some point during their show, be caller 8 when you hear it and win a Rockstar prize pack and you'll be qualified to win the $1,500 travel voucher from Rockstar and MIX 108.

According to Google, these are all places that you can buy an airline ticket to for less than $1,500!

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Flight from $1,164

    Reenact your favorite scenes from the movie 'Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol' while visiting the hottest tourist destination in the Middle East, Dubai!

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  • Moscow, Russia

    Flight from $933

    Believe it or not, you can fly to Moscow for less than $1,500 round trip. That is just for one ticket though, if you want to bring a comrade, that will cost extra.

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  • Rome, Italy

    Flight from $1,123

    Grab your toga and get ready to relax in Rome, Italy for less than $1,500!

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  • Cancun, Mexico

    Flight from $464

    Cancun, Mexico is a popular destination for Americans looking to relax and for this price, you can afford to bring some friends along for some R&R.

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  • Nome, Alaska

    Flight from $1,051

    If you prefer the cold, how about Nome, Alaska? We're not sure what there is to do in Nome, but we're sure you'll find something!

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