A new organization that was started earlier this year called Buddies not Bullies, has embarked on their first major fundraiser and awareness campaign. A few  volunteers are taking a long ride down the Mississippi River.

The Canoeing Against Bullying crew first took of on Wednesday July 1st from Itasca Sate Park and are guessing that this journey will take them anywhere from 3 to 3 1/2 months to get to Louisiana. The purpose of the trip is to raise awareness about bullying, and to raise funds for the organization.

The guys are camping on shore lines as much as possible, but initially had to take refuge in a hotel during a bad storm. What a great organization, to help kids and families work together to stop bullying in its tracks. If you would like to follow the guys on their journey you can visit their Facebook Page.

Please help spread the word about this unique organization so that no kid in the Northland has to feel alone or be bullied ever again.


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