Anyone who owns a dog or multiple dogs knows how important it is for them to get plenty of exercise. Some people find it hard to find the time or desire to do it and your dog does not get the energy burning and exploring time they need, that is until now. Even with the snow, ice and cold temperatures there is now a new dog walking service available in the Twin Ports.

Traci Rutledge is the owner of The Duluth Dog Walker and decided this past January to start her own business. She makes sure to have plenty of treats on her at all times and offers a variety walks from a short 15 minute jaunt to more advance treks since her clients come in all shapes and sizes with different needs.

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Rutledge said:

It’s not a one-size-fits-all type of industry. I have a couple of elderly clients that don’t walk their dogs in the winter as easy, so I can go to their house and do that. I’ve always been an animal enthusiast, and I’ve had many pets throughout the years from lizards to birds. Also, I take care of pocket pets, I do barnyard buddies – I have some clients with goats that I’ve taken care of and that’s fun.

Rutledge said she likes to offer a meet and greet with her clients first to make sure that they have a good connection. Since starting her business she already has 15 clients within the first few weeks and her business continues to grow. She has some clients that she walks every day and some a few days a week. For more information or to set up an appointment her website is  

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