Photo by Tom Lynn for Getty Images
Photo by Tom Lynn for Getty Images

An unnamed  man from Los Angeles went to Madison Wisconsin this past weekend to watch the Badgers take on Northwestern, but he did not get to see much of the game.

According to the A.P. news service the man was seated in the student section of the stadium and moved to sit with his friends in a different section, and that is why he was kicked out.

According to campus police the man did not appear intoxicated and was polite to officers. Monday after the game 240 coconut donuts mysteriously appeared at the police station. The mystery man was tracked down and corresponded via e-mail to one of the officers.

In a nutshell he sent the donuts as a way to say Thank You to the officers for all they do and he appreciates that, but he did not appreciate the way he was treated at the game. He went on to say...donuts themselves are awesome, but coconut donuts are not. The offending bakery items were donated to a local Salvation Army.

I disagree, I think coconut donuts are awesome! :)


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