I love when two businesses that you assume battled each other for domination come together to help one another.

According to Castle Danger, they ran out of lids for cans of their popular Creme Ale, but another local craft brewer came to the rescue, Bent Paddle Brewing was nice enough to help out.

Castle Danger said in a Facebook post, "We had to borrow some lids," and the result is some limited edition all gold cans of Cream Ale, normally they have a plain silver aluminum top.

Castle Danger says about the assumption that Bent Paddle is their competition, "in all reality, these guys and gals are our neighbors and friends. We have their back in a pinch just as much as they have ours."

Well if you're into looking for Easter Eggs, here is a good one for you, find the golden cans of Cream Ale in area liquor stores....good luck!

I personally like the golden lids, I for one hope they consider keeping the look when they reorder lids.

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