Blackpink were (lovingly) fed up with all the phones pointed at them during the first night of their two shows at London's O2 arena Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, as seen in a viral TikTok posted by @elizeymirza.

The K-pop queens took a moment to ask fans to put their phones down so they can see more of "Blinks' face[s]."

"We'd like to make eye contact and sing our songs together," Blackpink member Jennie said to the crowd.

"We wanna be back here in London, so show us what you got!" another member added.

Vocalist Rosé said, "I wanna see more light sticks up!"

The crowd responded with a rush of pink hearts waving in the form of the Bl-ping-bong, the name for the band's pink and black light stick fans carry during concerts.

The video's caption called the crowd "so dead."

"I felt so bad for them. The crowd was not giving," the fan who posted the video said.

One fan noted that the higher seats seemed livelier, commenting, "The seats were much more lively than the floor, idk if it’s bc fans were closer?"

"I was in the standing section and was so disappointed. All I had was giants and 100’s of phones blocking my view and only a few lightsticks up," another fan added.

The video's poster also shared, "Well my section at least was so dead like it was literally just my friend and I jumping up and down and everyone else was just filming."

However, night two brought a completely different vibe when Jennie had to ask the crowd to step back and make space because things were getting too tight.

"Take one step back, just for the safety," Rosé added. "No more pushing!"

Jennie even said, "I'm not gonna go on until there is some space in the back."

But despite some awkward moments, Blackpink still tweeted their love to London after the two-night run.

"London, it was so great to finally see you all! We kicked off our European tour as a blast thanks to you guys!" they said.

The group's next two-night stop is Paris on Dec. 12 and Dec. 13, and one fan joked on Twitter, "If Blackpink thought their London crowd was dead wait till they hit Paris this weekend cause baby the French don’t do nothing at concerts, they stand there like baguettes on the shelf."

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