Blink-182 was a big part of my childhood and every chance I get to see them live, I take it. Last night's performance was different without co-founder Tom DeLonge, in a good way. 

I've loved Blink-182 ever since I can remember and still have all of their CDs. This is the second time I've got to see the trio preform at the Xcel and they once again were awesome. It was a little different this time around, since Matt Skiba from Alkaline Trio took over for Tom.

I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried because Tom has a distinct voice that I feel adds a little magic to the band. Matt stepped up and did a great job. He sounds nothing like Tom, but I felt he did a good job giving their hit songs his own spin. They were energetic and engaging and you could tell the group was having fun.

Mark Hoppus was his goofy engaging self, Travis rocked the drums like always, and Matt added some great energy. The band opened up with their 2003 hit 'Feeling This', followed by 1999's 'What My Age Again?'. It was a great mix of old and new songs and I definitely would see these guys again. Somehow I manged to see them twice for free.

The All-American Rejects opened up and I thought performed the best out of the three and almost stole the show. A Day To Remember also did a great job. At one point Jeremy McKinnon (ADTR) got into an inflatable bubble and crowd surfed. Overall the show was totally worth the drive and four hours of sleep. You can check out Blink's latest music video out below and let me know what you thought about the show in the comments.