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Here are today’s.

  • Keurig For Beer

    Beer lovers out there.  have you heard of Keurig coffee makers?  They have little canisters that you pop in and brew you instant cups of flavored coffee.  Well now one company is doing something very similar but with beer.  Synek allows beer drinkers to keep their favorite brand of beer fresh for 30 days.It uses vacuum sealed cartridges, keeps the beer pressurized, and even allows you to change the beer to the optimum temperature.

  • Lindsay Lohan Suing Video Game

    Lindsay Lohan is suing the company that made the video game Grand Theft Auto V.  She feels that one of the characters named Lacey Kunis in the game wears the same clothing, has the same voice, and is based completely on her.  Ditzy blonde in video game.  I've seen pictures and videos.  It does kind of remind me of LiLo.

  • 'The Notebook' Director Says Tension Was High On Set

    So the anniversary of the movie 'The Notebook' was just late last month.  The director Nick Cassavetes opened up about the making of it.  Turns out during filming Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams had a lot of trouble working with each other.  They even had it out at one point on set.  I can kind of see that, the movie had a lot of emotion in it.  It isn't that hard to think that underneath all the acting was a bit of tension.