BreakTime Breakdown takes a look at whats going on around Hollywood and the world.

Here are today’s.

  • Breastfeeding In The Pit Of Concert

    Well here's an odd story.  One woman says she was kicked out of a Brad Paisley concert.  However, she says it was because she was breastfeeding.  My first question is, why are you taking a 4 month old to a concert.  Secondly, if you did, why are you even in the pit area.  That's where she was when she was asked to leave.  Security say they did so because they were afraid the baby may be crushed in the crowd of because of the danger of the loud noises.  I'm on security's side here.

  • Tracy Morgan Suing Walmart

    Tracy Morgan is slowly recovering from his crash.  He is now suing Walmart for the accident that left him with a broken nose, ribs, and leg.  The crash also took another person's life in the accident.  The lawsuit blames the Walmart driver for negligence because he was doing 20MPH over the speed limit and pointed out that he was almost at his drive time limit.

  • Boring TV = More Snacking

    Swiss researchers did an interesting study.  It followed 18 women while they snacked and watched TV.  The study found that boring shows increased the snacking of the women by 52%, while more engaging TV Shows had the women eating 35% less.

    So I guess the moral of the story is, if you think you're eating too much, change the channel.