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Here are today’s.

  • TSA Doesn't Know Where DC Is

    TSA.  If you've ever flown you've had to deal with them.  Well one reporter was flying from Orlando back to Washington DC and the TSA agent didn't like his identification.  The reporter pulled out his DC license and the TSA agent would not accept it.  Apparently the TSA agent didn't know that the District of Columbia was in the US.  Kind of scary that these are the people working security at our airports and they don't know basic US geography.

  • Hairy Twins Fan

    Little local news for you.  A Minnesota Twins fan, a rather hairy Minnesota Twins fan showed his team spirit at the game on Friday.  The guy shaved Brian Doziers name and jersey number into his back hair.  A picture of him was posted on the Twins Facebook page and went viral.  Man this guy is hairy.  That has to be at least an SPF 15 he gets from the hair.

  • Weird Al Drops New Videos

    Weird Al Yankovich has been hard at work on another album of parodies.  The first video of the series was released yesterday called 'Tacky' is a play on Pharell's 'Happy'.  Another video is out now today called 'Word Crimes' and it's a parody of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'.