The Bridgeman's Restaurant in Duluth makes some incredible ice cream creations, and they just unveiled some new treats for the summer.

Theses new mega malts are next level, not only do they surely taste amazing, but they themed and look amazing. If you're eating a meal there and see one of these cruise by your table, good luck not ordering one. Let's take a look at the four new creations.

Topped with whipped cream, a cookie, mini chocolate chips and some homemade cookie dough, the Crazy For Cookie Dough mega malt might be the first one that I would try.

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Up next is the Diggin’ In The Dirt mega malt, perfect for those little guys who love their construction equipment, this chocolate Oreo malt is topped with whipped cream, a chocolate pizzelle cookie, crushed-up Oreos, some gummy worms, and it's all topped off with a toy truck.

Attention unicorn lovers, here's a mega malt for you. The Princess Unicorn is a cotton candy malt that is magically topped with whipped cream, a cotton candy cloud, a candy cane and a unicorn plush toy on the side.

The final new mega malt is, in my opinion, the most interesting and unique creation. The Breakfast Of Champions mega malt is a maple latte malt with a pearl waffle, candied bacon, a fresh strawberry, and topped with whipped cream.

These treats and their other creative ice cream creations are available now, you can visit Bridgeman's Duluth next to the Miller Hill Mall at 2202 Mountain Shadow Dr.

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