A woman is trying to find the owners of two wedding rings she found outside of the Miller Hill Mall.

Sherlon Adams found two rings on the ground after leaving the Miller Hill Mall last Monday. One was a wedding ring and the other was a engagement ring with the wedding ring soldered on.

Adams was quoted saying that "They were just laying on the ground. The first thing I did was I walked back into Chipotle. I asked to speak to the manager there. I told him what I had just found.", according to WDIO.

She didn't want to post a picture of the rings because she wants to be sure to give them back to the right person if claimed. No one has contacted her yet about the missing rings. She mentioned that if all else fails, she will turn the rings in to the Duluth Police Department.

If you have any information or know anything, Adams mentioned how the best way to reach her is through Facebook.

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