Starbucks isn't the only place with fancy names for their large beverages anymore. Minnesota-based Caribou Coffee is renaming their large beverages in support of the Twins during the 2019 MLB Playoffs, adopting the nickname the team has taken on this season.

You've probably heard the phrase "Bomba Squad" in relation to the team this season, and the new Homer Hankys have "Bomba SZN" emblazoned on them. The team's home run hitting led to the nickname that has become their brand this season. It is now being adopted by Caribou Coffee in reference to their large drinks in support of the hometown team.

Yes, you can now order a 'Bomba' Pumpkin Spice Latte or Bomba Coffee Cooler. The name change goes into effect Friday, and continues through the playoffs. If you forget and call it a large, something tells me that you won't be judged by your barista, but there is a reason to embrace the 'Bomba'.

Caribou announced (via BringMeTheNews) it will donate a portion of all proceeds from 'Bomba' drinks to the Twins Community Fund, along with $1,000 for every home run hit during the ALDS vs the Yankees.



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