Palisade Head, just north of Silver Bay on Minnesota's Lake Superior North Shore is a breathtaking location to take in gorgeous views high above the lake. The photo above shows the view of Shovelhead Point from Palisade Head. Breathtaking, right? One brave person took that breathtaking view to an extreme new level.

Central Minnesota-based photographer Brandon Olmscheid captured a daring individual on his Instagram slacklining between the cliffs near Palisade Head. Olmscheid and a couple of his photography partners were in the Duluth area for a different photo job, and decided to head up north and stay the night after their job to catch the sunrise at Palisade Head the next morning. When they got there, they caught more than just a sunrise.

A group of slackliners was preparing for a daring trip across a rope strung between the cliffs at Palisade Head, which at its peak is 300 feet above the water. Olmscheid captured the pinnacle of one of the brave people's feat in a photo that has been getting a lot of attention on social media (seen below). He described the scene as simply "amazing", making it hard not to keep snapping shots of the spectacle. Olmscheid explains that he has been to the area often, but has never seen anything quite like that.

This area is popular for rock climbers, looking to challenge themselves while also enjoying a gorgeous view. Olmscheid commented that he is unaware of others having tried to slackline in this area, which made this already breathtaking photo even more interesting and unique.

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