St. Cloud-based photographer Brandon Olmscheid captured an incredible photo of a slackliner crossing hundreds of feet above Lake Superior at the cliffs of Palisade Head on Minnesota's North Shore recently, and the photo has drawn lots of attention on his Instagram for obvious reasons.

Olmscheid and a couple of his photography partners were in the Duluth area for a proposal shoot in Canal Park on August 18th, and decided to take in some of the North Shore after completing their work. The crew got a hotel and made plans to capture the sunrise at Palisade Head, just north of Silver Bay. When they got there, they saw something they never expected.

As Olmscheid explained, "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw one of them start to walk across a thing line of rope over the steep cliffs of Palisade Head." He explained that he had been to the natural attraction many times, but had never seen anything like this. "As I started taking photos I couldn't stop because I was still so amazed. I continued to take the same shot many many times just because I couldn't get over the fact of how amazing this was. Unexpected moments are what make photography so special."

You can Olmscheid had to say about the experience, and see a few more photos of the slackliners braving the heights in the video above.

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