A group of young ice fishermen hit a frozen Lake Superior during some recent snow in search of lake trout; and boy, did they ever catch one they'll remember. While the exact location on Lake Superior is undisclosed (a fisherman never gives out his best spots, right?), the fishermen shared that they were fishing in about 58 feet of water somewhere off the Minnesota shoreline.

Logan, one of the three guys that contribute to the YouTube channel Ice Hard Truth, hooked himself this whopper of a laker just a few days ago. After roughly a 10-minute fight to bring the fish from near the bottom of the 58 feet where he was fishing, he and his crew were able to get this monster on the ice to measure it.

Logan reports in the video that his lunker was just a hair shy of 39 inches, barely fitting through the 8-inch hole he was fishing through. After the lengthy fight and a couple quick photos, the fish was released back into the lake.

The video (above) shows most of the fight, as well as a little pre-fishing setup. If you just want to get to the good stuff, they hit the lake at the 2:43 mark, the fish is on the line starting at about the 3:30 mark, and they pull the fish out of the water at 8:40 mark.

These young fishermen have plenty of exciting fishing adventures to share. You can see more of their videos here.

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