What's the true worth of an investment?  That's the question before the City of Superior's Finance Committee as they debate spending up to three-quarters of a million on a city-wide camera system - aimed as a crime deterrent and investigative tool.

The idea was proposed by Superior Police Chief Nick Alexander.  Installed to canvass the public areas of the city, it could be used to reduce crime by letting would-be criminals know that their actions would be caught on camera - for future review.  At the same time, it would provide surveillance video and data for the investigations of crimes after the fact.

So far the move has drawn an enthusiastic response from other city leaders. In news reports, various members of the Superior City Council have unofficially come out in support of the proposal - citing the recent levels of vandalism and similar crimes; their interest-level in the option is two-fold in that it would have made it easier (and more cost-effective) to find the suspects responsible and also may have prevented the crimes from happening in the first place.

The camera proposal goes before the Superior Finance Committee at a meeting scheduled for July 11, 4:30 PM.


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