Rain and powerful winds have created a dangerous situation along the Lake Superior shoreline, prompting the City of Duluth to remind the public to stay away from these areas until further notice.

Winds gusting above 60 mph have been recorded in the Duluth Harbor, which is combining with high lake levels to lead to shoreline flooding from tall waves washing ashore.

Concerns about public safety have been expressed with these conditions, as these powerful waves are dangerous not only due to the raw power with which they are battering the shoreline, but also areas of flooding and debris being pushed inland with force are causes for concern. Some of these pieces of debris include rocks and large pieces of driftwood being forced onto areas along the shoreline and Lakewalk that could cause harm.

While some may be curious, wanting to see Lake Superior's waves that are reaching toward 20 feet in height, public officials warn that this can be extremely dangerous and is not advised from Canal Park or areas like Brighton Beach. Several webcams offer live looks at the waves, and it is easy to catch a great view of the entire point from areas along Skyline Parkway of the angry lake.



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