For more than 30 years the Club Saratoga Strip Club has offered Free Jazz Shows from 3-7pm every Saturday, but according to co-owner Dan Lowe "It had run it's course." Apparently the club did not make money on it, but that was never the point. Lowe said "If it had been the purpose, we would've stopped 16 years ago when we took over ownership."

The demise for the Saturday afternoon Jazz sessions boiled down to a dwindling audience over time and this Fall was an issue because of parking and construction with partial road closures on Buchanan Street and the Lighthouse Parking in Canal Park. Many of the Jazz patrons are older and they were not able or willing to walk a long distance to get to the club.

Recipients of the clubs Jazz newsletter found out about the program being stopped which made for a record crowd this past Saturday which was standing room only. The club has stayed busy at night with a younger set of patrons. No word on whether the Jazz sessions will return or not. For more on this story Click Here. 

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