Hat's off to all of you runners. 5K, half or full. I honestly could not even ride my bike the length of the half marathon, let alone run it.  :( But here is one better, a college student named Tom Gounley will run the Boston Marathon and juggle the entire time!

Crazy? Maybe, but he is geared up and ready to take on the Boston Marathon on Monday, while juggling bean bags. Having watched a handful of Grandmas Marathons I am literally in awe of the human spirit to see many of you running your hearts out on London Road, and then down to Canal Park. I could not even imagine just as a spectator, seeing someone run by juggling?

I must say  though I have seen some funny costumes and signs, but no circus acts. Good luck to him, and to all of you who are running this year! Grandmas Marathon is one of my favorite events of the year, as the city of Duluth comes alive with visitors in town from all over the world!