Shortly after the announcement of HefeWheaties, General Mills has announced another breakfast-themed beer partnership. The Minnesota-based company announced a partnership this week with a Colorado brewery to produce a beer that tastes like Count Chocula cereal.

The collaboration with Fort Collins-based Black Bottle Brewery brings back what the brewery calls "Cerealiously Count Chocula", a beer that made its debut about a year ago. The batch of the Count Chocula beer will be available on tap in Colorado starting August 25.

The partnership has General Mills providing the necessary supply of the cereal needed to make the brew, compared to last year when the brewery bought out the available supply from many grocery stores around the region to make the chocolatey beverage. While the beer was popular, plenty of locals were also upset that the area's supply of the seasonal breakfast favorite got bought up by the brewery so it couldn't be enjoyed for breakfast.

Similar to the Wheaties beer, it sounds like the Count Chocula beer will remain regionally available in Colorado for now. So if you want to give it a try, you may have to make a trip to Colorado.


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