For many parents having to resort to tough love on your kids can seem pretty daunting, but at times it has to be done. For 18 year old Allan Gieger III he found out the hard way to straighten up his act.

Allan Geiger Jr, decided to sell the truck he bought for his son because he found out that he walked off his job. The father of young Allan III also had been dealing with other issues with his son throughout the year and when he found out he walked off his job that was the last straw, his truck was gone.

Thanks to social media you see this quite a bit because it is made public, but it goes back to the old saying, when dealing with your kids and a punishment you have to get to what means the most to them on order to teach them a lesson. Now of course it goes without saying that it all depends on the childs age and situation.

I applaud this dad for standing up for what he felt was right, it was a tough decision and he wavered a little bit, but sometimes you have to make unpopular choices when raising your kids. Check out the full story Here

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