It is really hard to argue with the price of free. When diving into the world of Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and garage sales, the free (or really cheap) items can sometimes be hidden gems. Other times it might be the perfect fit for a unique need you have. Or maybe they just offer a unique, quirky charm that you just can't turn down.

Whatever the motivation and value, it's fun to look through what you can get without spending a dime. You know, to see what's out there and maybe find a new treasure you just can't turn down at that price.

That said, I skimmed through the Duluth area Craigslist to see what has recently been offered in the free category. Furniture, mechanical parts, construction supplies, and so many other things can be found posted there regularly. Some items aren't too surprising, while others might make you smirk or just simply wonder.

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Here are 10 offerings posted in the last month or so that I found particularly interesting for some reason or another. I did not verify that they are still all available, but the posts are all live as of the time of this article being published. If something here trips your trigger, there are links to each item in the list so you can reach out to the owner to learn more and claim your new treasure!

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