The YouTube channel UnwantedCommercials found a Craigslist listing in Minnesota that they had to have fun with.

The listing was posted in the Andover, Minnesota area Craiglist, and it was for a broken hot tub that the user was asking $30 for. This listing has since been deleted, and the person that posted it has ignored all requests for comment.

The parody video commercial starts off with God telling Andover "what they need" and then breaks into a funny song promoting the busted hot tub.

The producers of the video commented on a Reddit post about the video why the chose this listing, " My buddy and I were both like “why isn’t this piece of sh*^ free??".. also thought $30 was such an obscure price."

My favorite lyrics from the song in the commercial goes as follows:

Fill it up with water

Fill it up with cheese

Fill it up with Home Alone DVDs

I mean, what else are you going to do with a POS broken hot tube, am I right?

This video has a good amount of nasty language, so be careful when watching it in front of the kids.


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