Sometimes even celebrities get bored, and that's what happened to Demi Lovato in the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday (May 29). "Ask me questions! I’m bored. Hahaha" the "Sorry Not Sorry" singer tweeted, opening the flood gates.

One fan asked if she was done releasing singles from Tell Me You Love Me, to which Lovato replied "Pretty much... I have so much new music to release very VERY soon!!!"

"So no third single?" Another fan questioned. "Give us a third single and then move on." Lovato's response to that was a simple "Nope."

A third fan asked about a new single or album announcement, and that's when the pop star dropped the bombshell. "Very VERY soon.... could be a matter of weeks actually," she tweeted back. Check out the full interaction below.

Lovatics began going nuts when their girl tweeted about potential new music on Thursday night (May 24), and this series of tweets only solidify that she is, indeed, working on new music. Get ready, because we may be getting new music from Demi as soon as next month!


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