After the Subway restaurant in Canal Park closed in April of 2020, I had walked by the empty space numerous times pondering what might move in to the old sandwich shop. This spring, I noticed brightly-colored sheets of paper hung in the windows along Lake Avenue and it got me thinking once again.

After considering all of the various options, I didn't really land on a conclusive answer. I assumed it would involve food in some way, but I didn't come up with this delicious conclusion of what could be moving in.

Love Creamery, which has operated a storefront in the Lincoln Park Craft District since 2018, just officially opened their doors as of today (June 24). While their Lincoln Park location on Superior Street is always busy, the addition of a Canal Park store is going to be huge with the easy access for tourists and locals alike just a couple blocks from the Aerial Lift Bridge and Lake Superior.

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There is certainly not a lack of ice cream and cold treat options in Canal Park, with Grandma's Boxcar, Jacq Frost, Cold Stone, and Dairy Queen all already well established. More options is always a good thing, especially when it is a small local company growing. If you're not familiar with Love Creamery though, they offer some different elements to the ice cream game in Canal Park.

The whole business of Love Creamery is centered on handcrafted locally-made ice creams and sorbets, using locally/responsibly-sourced, organic, and sustainable ingredients. They also offer a sizable selection of gluten-free and vegan options, which makes it easier for people with those dietary needs to be able to enjoy an ice cream treat while out and about.

While they've operated a Duluth storefront in Lincoln Park since 2018, Love Creamery has been selling cool treats since 2014. They got their start selling at farmers markets and private events, eventually opening their first store next to Frost River on West Superior Street. Now they've grown to open a second location, which is super exciting for anyone proud of seeing local businesses grow and succeed in the Twin Ports area!

So the next time you're craving ice cream while you're in Canal Park, you have yet another option to chose from!

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