With the immediate Twin Ports area under a blizzard warning, anticipating over a foot of snow and windy conditions that will likely make travel very difficult this weekend, the Duluth Transit Authority is asking the public to think ahead to avoid potential weather-related route changes, delays, or cancellations.

If you had any planned elective trips for this weekend, the DTA is asking you to consider traveling today or to alter plans for those elective weekend trips if possible to avoid the potential of service changes related to the anticipated heavy snow.

In a statement delivered to media on Friday, a spokesperson for the DTA said the following:

“The Duluth Transit Authority is anticipating operational challenges with this weekend’s severe winter storm in the forecast.  With the significant amount of snow predicted,  we are urging regular DTA passengers to take elective trips today if possible. The resulting unsafe road conditions may force DTA bus services to be curtailed or even cancelled for a period of time Saturday and/or Sunday."

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In the statement, the representative said that they will keep the public informed of the latest via local media as well as their website and social media. They went on to emphasize that safety is the DTA's top priority for bus riders as well as DTA drivers and staff, and state that they will "be working diligently to return to safe operations if interruptions do occur.”

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