The Duluth Transit Authority had made some changes and restricted routes during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many changes were implemented including drivers wearing masks, encouraging only essential trips for passengers, rear door only usage, and eliminating fees.These measures continue along with the increased sanitation practices and safety protocols. The DTA also paused routes and made changes due to low ridership numbers. Now, the DTA has announced that the service routes will return to "normal summer service levels' beginning on Sunday July 19.

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Here are some important notes about the restored routes and other changes being made.

  • Summer Service routes will be restored, with the exception of the Port Town Trolly. That will remain paused, but routes 4,5,15, and 25 (dulooper) will return.
  • Late night service had been paused, but will return now starting July 19
  • The Duluth Transit Center is returning to normal hours which are Monday- Friday 5AM-1AM, Saturdays 6a-11:30pm, and Sundays from 6:30am- 10pm.
  • The pilot project route 24 that provided service to Great Lakes Aquarium and the waterfront has ended and will no longer be offered.
  • The DTA is introducing 10 new Gillig low floor buses to the fleet. Three of them are green in color and will be on the route #25 Dulooper downtown circular route.
  • Starting on Sunday July 19, the two way direction bus stops in the Miller Hill Target parking lot will be replaced with a bi-directional stop on Maple Grove Road. It will be near the Target entrance and helps improve safety for pedestrians in the parking lot. The stop will still allow service to both outbound and inbound passengers.

Information on these changes and other route information can be found at

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