I am using the term "nerd" because that is what the event promoters are using.  Also, I identify with that category of individual.

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I'm one of those people who likes motorcycles, loud and fast cars, whiskey, and hard rock music.  I also can barely put into words how much of a sci fi fan I am.  I probably equally like the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, as well as thoroughly enjoy comic books, graphic novels, and the associated films that go along with all of that.  To give you an idea of my geekiness or nerd level, I own the blueprints to the USS Enterprise-D, a ship that is purely fiction.  I also have an eight feet long and four feet wide print of the USS Enterprise-E above my bed.  So when I heard about Dulucon, I was pretty excited.

Dulucon will take place in two locations over a few days.  It's happening October 22nd-24th at Duluth's Miller Hill Mall, and also at The Encounter Skate Park.  The Mall location is open to the public so stop on by and check out various vendors, panels, games and plenty of other things to geek out on.  The Encounter location will require a ticket to attend with gaming events all day, an Anime Room, and a plenty of dancing and socializing at night.

The guest speakers will include writers, puzzle creators, cosplayers, and various artists, so there should be something for everyone to enjoy.  You can get more information on who and what will be at the event, ticket prices, and also details on being a vendor HERE.  So if you're a nerd like me, don't miss Dulucon: The Twin Ports Nerd Convention.

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